About Jason Ott's Electricity

In 2013 I left my Led Zeppelin tribute band and solo acoustic request show to focus on songwriting. I took a break from music for a while to separate myself from all the cover songs that were bouncing around in my head.


My musical history is mostly influenced by classic rock and R&B. When I started writing, I was a bit surprised by what was emerging.


Once I opened my mind to writing my own music, I started hearing lots of different melodies and lyrics in my head, but they were not much like the music I've been playing in the past.


I wrote "Let it Slide" first which is a rock/R&B song in the style of bands like Tower of Power. It's a fun, funky, bluesy song with horns that seemed to come of out nowhere!


Next came "In the Groove" which is a fun, acoustic rock song that is dedicated to some of the artists that have influenced me over the years.


"Avalon" turned into a tribute to electronic music. I was thinking of a place a I used to work and play at and remembering all the crazy times there. This song is dedicated to Joe, John, Michelle and LIsa who shared the Avalon adventures with me.


I also wanted a piano ballad on the album and "Driver's Seat" emerged. A song about taking your life into your own hands. The theme is inspired by my life-changing move from Boston to San Diego over 20 years ago.


Lastly, came my favorite song and the name of the album "Electricity". A rockin funky song that will get you up and dancing. The melodies for this song came quite easily for this song...like it was just waiting to be discovered.


I was aiming for 10 songs and also wanted to enhance the tracks in the studio, but I ran into some delays and health problems that held me up.


Eventually, I decided to release the 5 songs and sent them in for mastering. The studio was experiencing technical problems and about 6 months went by. I eventually found a new studio to master the tracks (special thanks to Beezie Gerber).


Next was posting the songs, creating the album art and all the other little things you have to do to get an album out.


I was finally able to get everything together 3 year after the journey started. I hope you enjoy the songs!


Thanks for listening!


Jason Ott

NOTE: There is another Jason Ott musician out there who has also published some music. You can verify it's me by the album name "Electricity" or the San Diego location.



Track 1, Electricity: A funk rock song that will get you grooving. This song was has a George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic feel.


Track 2, Let is Slide: A funky, bluesy, rock tune inspired by the mighty Tower of Power.


Track 3, In the Groove: A fun, acoustic rock song that pays tribute to all the artists that have inspired me over the years. Can you figure out all the musicians mentioned?


Track 4, Driver's Seat: A piano ballad about taking your life into your own hands. The theme is inspired by my life-changing move from Boston to San Diego over 20 years ago.


Track 5, Avalon: A rock/dance tribute to electronic music. This song was written about a crazy club in Boston that I used to work and play at. Dedicated to Michelle, Lisa, Joe and John.

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